Club Concept has worked with the club industry for over 25 years, helping owners develop new clubs, buy and sell existing ones, and improve operations. We specialize in feasibility studies, competition analysis, market research and growth strategies.

Our experience covers many kinds of markets, clients and clubs: urban, suburban and rural; upscale and mass market; chain or single unit; land developers, shopping center owners, hotels, resorts, colleges, hospitals, park districts and major worksites. Along the way Club Concept has gathered ideas from visiting more than 1,500 fitness facilities.


Important reasons to work with Club Concept:

Successful experience. Feasibility studies completed in almost 200 markets, leading to development of 45 properties valued at over $500 million. The major clubs serve 160,000 members in 2.5 million square feet. Clients know that Club Concept's findings are reliable -- all clubs following our plans have met or exceeded financial projections.

Dynamic planning tools
. Unique planning models that project a price/membership matrix, allowing the client to weigh the trade-offs between dues level, membership size, and building cost.

Upscale insight. Broad knowledge of member groups who spend the most on health club dues and services:
from young competitives to high income Baby Boomers.

Optimal facilities. A proprietary system to allocate building space requirements. Reflecting data from hundreds of existing clubs, our model recommends a club size and space allocation. Our clients have built clubs from 5,000 to 101,000 square feet. Many are grand, but many are economical.

High Margin Services. Strong personal training and other non-dues revenues are essential to superior financial performance. Club Concept projects demand for these services lines.

Financially realistic. Financial pro formas based on reliable inputs - no forecast of a short lease if full amortization is required; no assumption that strong real estate appreciation will cover weak operating income.

Consumer cluster analysis. Membership projections and marketing plans utilizing consumer lifestyle profiles. Our findings describe the personality and spending habits of the target market, highlighting groups who will prefer the club, and how to program and promote accordingly.

Johnson & Johnson preferred vendor. For five years, the one-time world leader in wellness products and services chose Club Concept as its preferred vendor for health club planning and analysis.



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